Every ambitious person deserves a coach. Mio's mission is to make high-quality coaching available to everyone. A warm, friendly and welcoming service for the good of both individuals and employers. According to Harvard Business Research, Coaching boosts productivity by 44%, performance by 65% (ICF) and positively impacting people retention (CIPD).

With a new strategy established outlining the benefits of positivity and focus on the individual, we set out to define a name for the business. 'Mio' is a phonetic celebration of the individual. A translation of 'my'. A short and snappy name that feels worlds apart from their more functional and mechanical sounding competitors.

Mio has set out to raise people up in their professional lives to reach a flow state of progression. A visual metaphor that plays out across Mio's new brand identity in the form of flow graphic animations, photographic properties, the brand typeface, iconography and motion principles.

The 'teamwork' theme is pushed in the contemporary workplace, whereas Mio's approach is more individual focussed. A characteristic that is channelled through the verbal identity in order to distinguish Mio from any other employer enabled workplace service. A refreshing approach that gives life to a form of witty and hard hitting headlines and conversational copy. This focus on the individual also encourages the celebration of individuality through photography and a vibrant colour palette.

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